Save the Date!

August 10, 2013, Konstanz, Germany

XuanHuong Luong
Christian Osvald

We understand that many of you had postpone important events, rearranged big family vacations, made big compromises with your employers to experience this wedding with us. We truly appreciate your efforts, and gifts are not necessary.

For those who insists on wedding gifts, below are the things that we can’t wait to get a hand on:

lobster We want to contribute to the humanity timeline in more way than just becoming stardust. Help us be prepared to grow our family.
ELE 2 We will probably never stop exploring… there are too much to see and too little time.
Water_Villa_with_model Once we build this house, we await your visits, where we can place fishing rods from the window, go swim in the water, and bbq the catch in the evening
189495_593611043993244_1888314375_n We were wishing for the flight into space, but this will do!

With the travel distance, it will be a big challenge for us to bring your physical gifts back home. However, you can select how to brighten our lives with a bit of extras through the form below, and use one of our bank accounts listed to wire the amount to us.
XuanHuong Luong
Bank of America
Routing number: 026 009 593
Account number: 5860 0141 8474
SWIFE code:
- Foreign currency: bofaus6s
- US dollars: bofaus3n

Christian Osvald
Credit Suisse
Sankt Leonhard-Strasse 3
9001 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Account 637537-80
IBAN CH35 0483 5063 7537 8000 0